Q: Do you ship products?

A: We do not ship products at this time.

Q: I can't find the product I'm looking for. Is there any other way to get it?

A: The Customer Special Requests area can help find a product that is not part of our catalog. Click here to go to the Customer Special Requests area for more information.

Q: Does SLGA sell gift cards?

A: Gift cards are available at all stores in denominations of $5 to $500.

Q: Do product prices listed online include taxes/deposit?

A: Like other consumer goods, applicable taxes/deposit are added to product prices at checkout.

Special Occasion Permits

Q: How do I get a permit for my special occasion (wedding, family reunion, etc.)?

A: Our Customer Service Representatives at your nearest store can assist you with applying for a Special Occasion Permit. For more information please visit our Permits section.

Q: How do I determine how much alcohol I can purchase for my special occasion?

A: Our Customer Service Representatives can assist you with determining how much to purchase.

Q: What if I buy too much product for my event?

A: Unopened spirit and wine bottles and sealed beer and cooler cases can sometimes be returned for a full refund at the location where originally purchased as long as the packaging is not damaged and you have the original receipt.

Responsible Use

Q: What responsible use initiatives do SLGA Retail Liquor Stores participate in?

A: For more information please visit the Responsible Use section. 


Q: What browser works best for viewing saskliquor.com?

A: Please visit our Accessibility Policy page for recommended browswer as well as other accessibilty information.